Monthly Archive: August, 2016

Then and Now

I constantly remind my congregation, and myself, that the events of the Bible happened thousands of years ago and that there has been a lot of history between us and Jesus. The scriptures… Continue reading

Tell Me the Stories of…

        Since the Bible was not written by a single author and has been redacted, edited, abridged, added to, subtracted from and retranslated  beyond count, it is difficult to read… Continue reading

Tying Run on Third at the Bottom of the Ninth

Author Christopher Wright ask a fundamental question in his book The Mission of God’s People, “… What does it mean to be human? Are we gods, or merely animals that have evolved a… Continue reading

Maybe: The Effectiveness of Christian Missions

Perhaps a good starting point for a discussion on Christian mission is to ask two simple questions; “What is the principal goal of mission work?” The other is, “What are the results of… Continue reading