I’m a retired Methodist Pastor whose roots are in the small rural communities of the heartland. I’ve always lived in small communities and there is no place I’d rather be than here. Much that is fundamental to our Christian faith is expressed in the values and beliefs of the people who live in small towns and small populations.

Still, the world keeps changing and even traditional Christians need to accept that God does not intend for us to remain in one place, clinging to a rock during a storm. I prefer to envision a boat with Jesus at the bow calming the tempest. Then when the sea is calm, we can set our sails to the distance unknown horizon. God is nurturing and preparing us to seek new shores upon which the teaching of Jesus and God’s Grace may be shared

I’m a progressive minister and not everybody will agree with some of my observation. I’m also aware that God is nurturing me and that I’m not always right. What may seem clear and indisputable now, I may have to rethink and revaluate later. But that is part of the journey and as God leads me and all of us down one path or another, I want to share that journey and welcome others as well.

Perhaps this blog is nothing more than a way to organize my thoughts and make sense of the jumble of theological, social, scriptural, and human thoughts that bounce around inside my cranial hemispheres. Anyone reading these words may only be a handful of people and I may be doing nothing more than talking to myself. Now that I am retired, I may not stay on subject and will wander into other serious and whimsical subjects. If you agree or disagree with what I said or would like to comment, please do so. I simply ask that you respect my opinion and reply with civility and Christian goodwill.

Pastor Dan

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