My Brothers A Genius!

Well maybe not a genius but he does have a gift for poetry, and I’ve decided to include some in my blog. These are not epic stories of heroes or sonnets declaring undying passion. They are not commentary on human struggles or political beliefs. They are clever and sometime insightful reflections on what we humans share, our humanness.

Bryan has a unique perspective on the world and expresses in prose the simplest and the most perplexing experience which everyone shares. Most are whimsical, silly, funny or reflective. Some will make you smile, laugh or groan. Others will have you shaking your head in familiar recognition of our common experiences.

He’s written hundred of poems, most of them limerick. He is in fact an award-winning writer of the limerick genre. Some have greater meaning to me because we share the same parents and while growing up, the same bedroom.  I think most of his work will appeal to all of us who face the common scuffles of life. I hope you enjoy them.