I read an article about a small town hospital in Missouri which was struggling to stay open. It had a payroll of $80,000.00 for the month and only $8,000.00 in the bank. Their… Continue reading

God, Can I have a Bike?

            A young boy asks his parents if they would buy him a new bike. Though they could afford it, the parents insist that he work for it. Arrangements are made to earn… Continue reading

Where Have All the Flowers Gone

Is It Summer or Winter?

  I once worked for a guy who didn’t like the Fourth of July. It meant that summer was half over and it would soon be winter. By my calendar there are 160… Continue reading

History or Theology?

            Exodus begins with the Israelites “…greatly, increased in numbers and became so numerous that the land was filled with them.”[i] They were becoming a potent people in Egypt which forced the Pharaoh… Continue reading

OT: Relevant or Archaic?

  From a Christian perspective, the New Testament is the fulfillment of the Old. The work God began with the Israelites is foundational in the Gospel and the works of the Apostles. Since… Continue reading

Ministry Matters™ | Blog | God Said It . . . And that Unsettles It

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Ministry Matters™ | Blog | God Said It . . . And that Unsettles It

John Calvin and the Reform Tradition

If Martin Luther laid the foundation for the reform movement, than John Calvin, along with Huldrych Zwingli, were the primary builders of the new faith. After Zwingli’s death during the Second War of… Continue reading

Martin Luther and the Reformation

Most people know the significance of December 7th, 1941, or September 11th, 2001. Some might remember where they were on November 22nd 1963. These dates represent significant turning points in history, points in… Continue reading

Salvation & Evangelism

Salvation simply means to be rescued from difficult circumstances. As professor and author Bruce Malina points out”…it was not a specifically God-oriented word…”[i] For most people salvation implies biblical consequences that impact our… Continue reading