Send Forth Our Children

As a pastor I’m always aware of the spiritual needs of God’s people. It is a joy to look out across the pews on Sunday morning and see faithful members gathered once again to hear and receive the word of God. I am especially delighted when, on occasion, I see young people who have chosen to spend their Sunday morning in church rather than sleeping in or some other activity geared towards youthful exuberance and interest. Specifically I’m talking about teenagers and young adults who are as rare in church worship as Methodists who sit in the front row.

Naturally I’m concerned about their lack of presence but have more concerns about their attitude towards God and His Church. Recent data shows that many counties in the U.S. have fewer people being born than the numbers who are dying. Our home county of Webster is one of them. While it creates a demographic and revenue problem for civic leaders, it poses a dilemma for those who have a Christian commitment to the people in our local community.

It’s not likely that the church can keep young people from moving away, but we can still influence the character and behavior of the youths who were raised and molded in our communities. And with so many kids being distrustful and skeptical of the modern church, it’s likely they will take that attitude with them. More problematic is the attitude will be reinforced by the secular world they are entering into. It is important that we ask, “Are we giving them a strong enough foundation to withstand “the world, the flesh and the devil”?”

I’ve also started a listing of Blogs which I find interesting. The author of one (marc5solas) recently addressed this issue of young people’s attitudes toward Churches and I wanted to share it with you.  Click here and you should access the article. Then let me know what you think. This is a pressing issue and a discussion that all churches need to have, not so much because our children reflect our communities and family, but because of how they reflect on Jesus Christ and His Church.

Share God’s Grace
Pastor Dan

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