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Describing God

The Nature of God I was once asked to describe orange to a blind person. The words warm, bright, vibrant and sweet came to mind. I am not sure if my description conveyed… Continue reading

They Had all Things in Common

Historical reporting presents a constricted view of the events and culture being described. Ultimately all history is a snapshot that, despite being worth a thousand words, cannot convey the actualities of the past.… Continue reading

What is the Good News

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is more than the story of our savior. While beliefs about salvation, prosperity, truth, forgiveness and love are integral to God’s plans, they are not the purpose of… Continue reading

Reckless Driving

While driving to class in Kansas City recently I saw a car coming up from behind me dodging through traffic, changing lanes and driving recklessly. It almost clipped my bumper as it hurled… Continue reading

When Churches Fly!

In my former life as a livestock consultant I once worked with a hog farmer who just couldn’t seem to make a profit. Though the owner had good livestock and quality equipment and… Continue reading

Just Thinking

One of the most satisfying things for a pastor to hear is someone saying, “You’ve given me a lot to think about.”  First it assures me that I my sermon didn’t put you to sleep, and… Continue reading

Cause I Eat Me Spinach

Remember Popeye the sailor? He was an odd looking fellow with a tall thin girlfriend and a sidekick obsessed with cheeseburgers. His nemesis was a bearded bully named Brutus who was stronger and… Continue reading

Spirti Filled and Spirit Led

     Coming home from church a wife told her husband, “Did you see that outfit the Johnson girl was wearing? She should know better than to wear something like that to church.” “I… Continue reading

Let’s Get to the Root of Things

  1 Timothy 6:10 is often the most misquoted scripture in the Bible.  Paul tells his young protégé, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which… Continue reading