When Churches Fly!

In my former life as a
livestock consultant I once worked with a hog farmer who just couldn’t seem to
make a profit. Though the owner had good livestock and quality equipment and a
desire to work hard, the operation just didn’t achieve the potential that it
should have. Our team knew that all the essential tools were there; breeding
stock, quality feed, good equipment and dedicated workers. What was needed was
a revitalization of the people who owned and operated the farm. It was not
enough to tell them what they needed to change, but to help them figure it out
for themselves.
I had the same impression
when I came to Blue Hill/Bladen last July; The resources, the people and the
desire to revitalize their churches where in abundance. I feel what was lacking
was sense of purpose and an uncertainty about how to use the resources they
I practice a “ToolboxMinistry” which needs to answer three basic questions:
What are we trying to build?
What tools and skills do we have to build it?
What tools and skills do we need to acquire? 
The answer to the first question
is simple; we’re building God’s Kingdom in the hearts of His people. I think
both churches already knew this but were uncertain where to begin or how to
proceed. Like the hog operation, the congregation saw the obstacles and not the
resources to overcoming them.
The answer to the next
question is also simple but less obvious until someone shows the answer. The
tool we already have is the Word of God. The challenge is acquiring the skills
to understand and use this powerful tool. I believe this is the process we are
in now, understanding God’s purpose for His church and its people through
worship, prayers, study and covenant. As we grow more confidants in the use of
these tools we can move on to acquiring other resources and learning to use
them. We can become more effective craftsman for God, better disciple of Jesus.
As the confidence of the
hog farmer grew he became more effective at overcoming his problems and profits
increased. His business was revitalized because he began to learn how to use
the resources he had. His own hard work, desires and dedication was always
present, they simple needed to become refocused on his goals and retrained in
the use of his resources.
A church also requires this
same “revitalization” that allows them to look beyond the problems and see the promise
of God’s Grace. To revitalize a church means to rebuild what already exist. In
both Blue Hill and Bladen the tools are already there, the willingness to use
them is present and the desire to restore is robust. Both churches can be
renewed by using the tools they already have. They can do this when they:
Revitalize the church services
Revitalize our belief in prayers
Revitalize the youth programs
Revitalize our desire to study
Revitalize our outreach program to the community
Revitalize our connection to the greater Methodist Church
Revitalize our sense of mission
Revitalize our efforts at evangelism
Revitalize our commitment to Methodist principles
Revitalize our openness to others
Revitalize our discipleship
Revitalize our relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
I am excited about our
future and confidant in our laity leadership. I look forward to ministering in
churches that are revitalized by God’s Grace.
Share God’s Grace
Pastor Dan
Pastor Dan’s Mission
To receive and share
the transforming love of God through

Jesus Christ.

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